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Need a reliable demolition contractor to remove an old building or garage? Proven Contractor will help you find the demolition company that best suits your project and budget. Choosing a commercial demolition contractor can be a hassle, but Proven Contractor organizes them for you based on location and type of service. So if you need a house demolition contractor or just need to rip up an old walkway, Proven Contractor can help. Working with a proven demolition contractor means that you will get the lowest rates, no surprises and the fewest hassles on your demolition job. To get started, just call one of the demolition contractors listed in your area or fill our the quote form and Proven Contractor will make sure you are sent estimates fast.

Hiring a demolition contractor is rare for the majority of the population, which means most people don't know where to start. Here are some of the questions that need to be answered before you can begin:

How much waste will the demolition project produce?

This will vary greatly based on building size obviously, but less obvious is the importance of the material being removed. A wood house demolition for example will be much lighter and load intensive than a similar sized commercial demolition where steel and concrete debris need to be removed.

What laws do I need to be aware of?

Most cities will require a permit for a demolition project. You will need proof of ownership of the property and fill out the obligatory paperwork.

What am I responsible for before the demolition project begins?

Many of our demolition contractors will do all of the permit work for you (and most everything else), but you are still required to shut off utilities such as gas and electric, and make sure that anything hazardous or dangerous is removed from the property such as canisters of oil or gasoline.

There is a lot of information out there that is worth reviewing before reaching out to a demolition contractor, and we recommend:

OSHA demolition guidelines.

A great source for demolition tips -