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Are you in need of a metal roofing contractor for your house or commercial property? Sick of your leaky roof or worrying about its replacement? Metal roofing is the best long term investment you can make in your property, but all companies are not equal. Proven Contractor only works with the top metal roofing contractors that get the job done on time and on budget every time. Our metal roofing contractors do everything from partial installations to large facility & warehouse installations. This is the fastest way to find trusted, certified and reliable metal roofing contractors anywhere. Our screening will save you time and ensure you get the metal roofing contractor with the best prices.

Metal Roofing To Last A Lifetime

Proven Contractors helps you find metal roofing contractors that ensures you never have to worry about a roof replacement again. There is a lot to consider when picking a metal roofing contractor, so ask yourself these questions:

Do I want to pay extra for a metal roof?

Everyone faces this cost benefit analysis when it is time to replace a roof. You will quickly find that metal roofing lasts much longer (many manufacturers will insure up to 50 years) than traditional roof options while modern metal roofs are able to mimic tile, clay and wood to near perfection. Metal roofing does cost more in the short term, but it is important to weigh the long term value of a roof that requires virtually no maintenance and will not need to be replaced every 20 or 30 years.

What is the process once I decide on a metal roof?

First it is very important to speak to a few metal roofing contractors to get a feel for their professionalism, see if they take the time to address your concerns and make sure their price is competitive. You will want to take a look at a gallery of some of their previous jobs and most importantly browse their selections of metal roof tiles and colors. Metal roofing can now match high end textured tile in look and feel, but each manufacturer has their own blends that you need to check out. The onsite roof inspection follows contractor selection to determine whether your existing roof will need to be removed or if the metal roof tiles can be placed on top. Metal roofing installation takes anywhere from one day to a week or more for larger projects.

If you have more questions or would like some good sources of unbiased (relatively) information we recommend the NCRA and the Metal Construction Association for starters.