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Are you trying to find a local HVAC contractor that can install or repair an ac unit or heating system? is the best place to find local HVAC contractors throughout the United States. When you choose one of the HVAC contractors on Proven Contractor you know you will have an expertly trained HVAC technician who will show up on time, and perform the job right the first time. Here at we take quality very seriously, so when we receive complaints about an HVAC contractor, or any other type of contractor, we will either remove them from or make the complaint visible for all users to see. No company can pay to remove a bad review, as our only goal is to help customers find the best HVAC contractor for their needs. Proven Contractor makes sure that you'll only work with an HVAC contractor who has a valid license, general liability insurance, and also a history of satisfied customers.

Why Hire an HVAC Contractor?

HVAC contractors are experts in all things heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. HVAC contractors can be hired for a number of commercial and residential jobs including:

  • HVAC Installations
  • Unit Repairs and Maintenance
  • Filtration System Installation/Repairs/Maintenance
  • Air Duct Work

These are just some of the more popular jobs which often require a proven HVAC contractor. Hiring an experienced HVAC technician is important to stay under budget, as well as avoiding hassles such as delays, contractors not showing up on time, or even being charged with hidden fees. Contact one of the top HVAC contractors in your area directly by calling their number, or you can have them contact you by filling out the contact form.

HVAC Contractor FAQ

We know that you probably have a bunch of quick questions that you need to have answered before deciding on an HVAC contractor, here are some of the most common that we receive:

When Should I Replace My Air Conditioning System?

Air conditioning and heating systems typically last anywhere from 10-15 years depending on how often you use it. One of the benefits of getting a newer ac system is that they are usually more than 60% more efficient than older models.

Should I Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

It is recommended that you get your air ducts cleaned every 3-7 years. Many people think that they can do this themselves, but this can be dangerous and is something that should be left to an experienced HVAC contractor.

What Size Heating and Cooling System Do I Need?

The size of the HVAC system that you will need will depend on many different factors including the square feet, how many rooms, the ceiling height, and how often you plan on using the unit. It's always a good idea to consult an HVAC contractor before purchasing a new heating and cooling system.