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Looking for an excavating contractor you can trust? Proven Contractor can help by matching your needs with an excavation contractor in your area. Whether you have a small excavation job or a major dig, we can find the proven excavation contractor you need. We screen excavation companies to ensure they can provide reliable service, solid track records and competitive pricing. Our excavating contractor database is unparalleled and is designed to save you time.

How long does excavation take?

Typical residential excavation jobs are completed in less than a day. This ensures homeowners' sewer, electric, gas lines, etc. are usually restored by the evening. Larger construction excavation jobs can take weeks, but this is dependent on job size and conditions (whether the site is mostly loose dirt vs. rock for example).

How many excavation companies have been screened in my area?

We are constantly growing our database and have 98% of the country covered with at least two excavation companies, and larger metros usually have at least ten. Simply enter your zip code to find a list of matching excavating contractors who match your criteria.

What types of excavation are available?

Excavating contractors will typically isolate residential excavation projects from commercial excavation projects. Within residential excavation they offer:

  • House/Garage Tear Downs
  • Driveway Excavation
  • Walkway/Patio Excavation

Commercial excavation services include:

  • Parking lot excavation
  • Building demolition (structure & foundation)
  • Partial building demolition

It is best to do as much research on your own before your project starts, and we recommend you start with the resources below.